PozWorx has the best functionality selected from premium point of sale systems, but without the complication and cost.

PozWorx maintains the “simple – functional – affordable” approach to everything.

PozWorx Point of Sale Software is a browser based application that is installed on a PozBox (Included) which acts as a server to any others on the network. Any Clients connecting to the server do not require any software to be installed and only require a Google Chrome Browser. This allows any device such as Android Tablets, low spec POS Terminals and standard back office PC to access the application on the network and allows multiple Users and/or POS Terminals at a very low cost.

Get the famous Raspberry Pi fully configured and Pre-installed as a PozWorx Server.

5 Users & 5 POS Terminals

This Simple – Functional – Affordable POS Software is perfect for those who want to move from a traditional cash register to a powerful Point of Sale within Budget. The PozWorx POS System is packed full of features and offers maximum return on investment.

The PozWorx POS System has many of the features retailers need to take their businesses to the next level. This system is designed for small Restaurants, Cafe, Takeaways, Deli, Bars, Sports Clubs and General Retail shops.

Get the advantage of a POS System with the simplicity of a cash register.

The software is adaptable to virtually any situation and any device as it comes fully installed on its own hardware which is included. Open a Chrome Browser and select the Web Server on your Android Tablet AND/OR POS Terminal and with nothing to install you now have a fully functioning POS System. Used with a POS Terminal and a Tablet together allows mobility and service at the table.

PozWorx Point of Sale Software is a browser based application that is installed on 1x PC which acts as a server to any others on the network.

Developed using the most recent web technologies, PozWorx is powerful, lightweight and responsive. It is also operating system and hardware platform agnostic, so all you need is a common device (server) and your favourite Chrome web browser for any Clients connecting to the server.

Demo login – user: poz | pass: 123

WEB based, non-cloud and Local DB Storage point of sale solution. Take advantage of all modern web technologies without the potential risks !

This base licence allows 5 Consecutive Users to login at the same time, all 5 users are able to login as a POS…so effectively this licence will allow 5x POS Systems in a combination of POS and Back Office on the Network….Absolute Value!!!

PozWorx Point of Sale Software comes complete with the following features:

5x Consecutive Users FREE
5x POS Screen Users FREE
FREE Customer Accounts
FREE Customer Loyalty Points
FREE Gift Cards
FREE Stock Control
FREE Product Kits
FREE Barcode Label Generation
FREE Customer Display Module
Tables by Area
Order Numbers
Delivery Types
Reporting with Graphs and Widgets
Discounts and Voids
Layered User Access with Permissions
FREE Xero Accounting Interface

PozWorx Additional POS Screen

PozWorx Additional POS Screen is required to allow a User to make Sales in the system and can be added to any existing user on the network.

The base licence gives you 5x POS Screen and 5x Users so if you were to add another User who also needs access to a POS Screen then you need to purchase this add on.

PozWorx Additional User

Need more than the 5x Users already available as Standard?

Add an additional concurrent user to the PozWorx POS system.

PozWorx Stock Movement Plugin

This additional plugin allows you to Receive Stock and update Stock Levels and Costs if required in one bulk action rather than the default of editing the stock value for each item one by one.

This plugin will also allow you to carry out a stock take and print a Stock Valuation Report of Stock on Hand.

PozWorx Account Manager Plugin

This Plugin enables bulk management of Customer Accounts, generate Customer Statements and Statement Summary and print them off. The ability to email them will also be added soon.

PozWorx Xero Interface Plugin

This Xero Plugin Supports both a “Simple” and “Advanced” mode to Interface with Xero

The “Simple” Mode requires almost nothing to setup in PozWorx whilst the “Advanced” Mode requires the Product Categories to be linked to the GL Codes pulled from Xero.

PozWorx Product Barcode Labels Plugin

This plugin enables you to print Barcode Labels in either a 40×17 or 40×28 mm size label to your Zebra Label Printer. PozWorx can also auto generate barcodes for products if they do not have existing barcode numbers.

PozWorx Customer Display Advertising Plugin

PozWorx Customer Display and Advertising Plugin allows a 2nd Monitor to show Advertising Images with Advertising Text to the Customer when inactive.

When a sale is performed the advertising will be replaced with the current sale information for the customer to see the details of the items they are purchasing. When the sale completes the advertising will then resume as normal.

This allows the clever use of images combined with text to provide an upsell method to customers waiting to be served.